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Best Places to Travel with your Dog Internationally

Best Places to Travel with your Dog (Internationally)

Traveling is something that everybody should do at least a couple times in their lifetime. Traveling and seeing different parts of the world is all about relaxing, taking in new sights, exploring different cultures, and eating some great food too.

That being said, if you want to travel, but happen to have a dog or two, things become a little more difficult.

Sure, you could leave your pooch in a kennel or dog boarding house, but those places are horribly expensive and often don’t treat animals right.

An option is, of course, to take Fido with you, but that said, this means finding dog-friendly travel destinations. This is what we’re here for right now, to talk about the best places to travel with your dog internationally.

Best Places to Travel with your Dog in Europe

Europe is always a super popular travel destination, and yes, although there is a ton for people to do and see, this doesn’t mean that you can’t bring Fido along. So, what are some of the most pet-friendly destinations in all of Europe?

  1. Wallonia – Belgium

A really nice place to travel to with your dog, if you are looking for a super pet-friendly destination is Wallonia, Belgium. Wallonia is technically the French-speaking region of Belgium and is home to over 3.5 million inhabitants.

In terms of being dog-friendly, this area features over 1,300 different pet-friendly hotels and lodgings. Wallonia is a region that is heavily saturated with culture and attractions that are centuries old. In case you are wondering what there is to do in Wallonia, here is a small list of attractions that you may be interested in.

  • The Villers Abbey
  • The Wine Route
  • Namur Old Town
  • Kayaking the Lesse Valley
  • The Dinant Citadel
  • Hiking through the Ardennes
  • The Rocks of Le Herou


  1. Dalmatia – Croatia

Dalmatia is considered to be one of the four most important and historic locations in all of Croatia. Dalmatia consists of a narrow strip of land along the east coast which touches on the Adriatic Sea, making for a beautiful summertime vacation.

It’s got a population of nearly 1 million people and it features well over 1,000 dog-friendly hotels and accommodations. Yes, an area named after a dog, the dalmatian, better be pet-friendly. So, besides playing with Fido, what exactly is there to do in Dalmatia?

  • The Walls of Dubrovnik
  • The Old Town
  • The Dubrovnik Cable Car
  • Rak Winery
  • Game of Thrones Tours
  • Visiting the Islands
  • Various Cruises & boat rides
  • Etnoland
  • Dubrovnik Beer Company


  1. Paris – France

Yes, no trip to Europe would be complete without a trip to Paris, France. Paris is, of course, one of the most popular vacation destinations in Europe and in the whole world. The city of love, as it is called, is home to well over 2 million people and plenty of attractions.

When it comes to being dog-friendly, Paris features well over 1,000 dog-friendly hotels, apartments, and other types of lodgings. In terms of attractions for humans, there is definitely plenty to in this great city. So, what are some of the most popular places to go see in all of Paris?

  • The Louvre
  • Notre Dame Cathedral
  • Arc de Triomphe
  • Eiffel Tower
  • Versailles Palace
  • Tuileries Garden
  • Musee d’Orsay


  1. Venice – Italy

Another location that makes for a great pet-friendly destination is Venice, Italy. Venice is, of course, renowned for its culture, art, fashion, food, and so much more. It’s a top travel destination in Europe, and for good reason, because it’s both beautiful and entertaining, with lots to see and even more to do.

What is interesting is that Venice is actually built on more than 100 islands in a lagoon in the Adriatic Sea. This city is currently home to just over 250,000 residents, although during the peak tourist season, this number greatly swells up. Venice currently features well over 500 pet-friendly lodgings and accommodations, which is a whole lot considering the small population. Here’s a short list of the most famous sights and attractions in this wondrous city.

  • Doge’s Palace
  • Marks Basilica/Square
  • Grand Canal
  • Rialto Bridge
  • Murano and Burano
  • Peggy Guggenheim Collection
  • Fine Arts Museum


  1. Madrid – Spain

To round of the list of the best places to travel with your dog in Europe, Madrid, Spain also makes for a great destination. Madrid is actually a very large city, one of the largest in the region, coming in at a population of nearly 7 million inhabitants.

Now, Madrid does have over 340 pet-friendly hotels and accommodations, and although this seems comparatively low compared to other cities we have looked at, you still should not have any issues finding dog-friendly lodgings. Madrid is, of course, extremely famous as being a repository for European art and culture. So, what is there to see in Madrid?

  • Plaza Mayor
  • Royal Palace of Madrid
  • El Retiro Park
  • Prado Museum
  • Crystal Palace
  • Royal Gardens
  • Puerta del Sol
  • Temple of Debod
  • Goya Frescoes

Best Places to Travel with your Dog (Internationally)

Best Travel Destinations for Dogs in North America

Alright, so now you know what the best places in Europe are to visit with your pooch, but what about a bit closer to home? Let’s take a look at some really nice pet-friendly destinations to the north and south of the USA.


  1. Canada

Yes, Canada is huge, one of the largest countries in the whole world. With millions and millions of square miles from one coast to the other, and just around 40 million people in the whole country, Canada features tons of beautiful, scenic, and natural attractions that are great for people and dogs alike.

Canada does make for a great dog-friendly location due to the massive amount of outdoor attractions, lakes, national parks, and more. Let’s quickly take a look at the very best places for you to go with your dog in Canada.

  • Whistler, British Columbia – Whistler is regarded as one of the top nature-friendly places in Canada, and yes, in the whole world. During the summer, hiking the mountain and surrounding areas is super popular, and skiing/snowboarding during the winter. Whistler is home to a variety of pet-friendly lodgings, dog boarding houses, grooming centers, and more.
  • Kawartha Lakes, Ontario – If you are big into boating, fishing, hiking, trailblazing, snowmobiling, swimming, and anything else that takes place in cottage country, Kawartha lakes, located only a few hours out of Canada’s largest city, Toronto, is a massively popular travel destination for tourists and locals alike. There are plenty of cottages and small hotels for rental, which are dog-friendly.
  • Montreal, Quebec – If you are looking for a beautiful city with lots of old relics, tons of history, culture, and fine food, Montreal is a fantastic place to visit. Just beware that winters are some of the coldest in Canada, so it’s probably best left as a summer vacation spot. Montreal is home to dozens of pet-friendly hotels and even more pet-friendly lodgings too. With over 20 massive dog parks in the city, plus so much more, Fido will definitely have a blast.
  1. Mexico & The Caribbean

Sure, Canada can get pretty warm from May to September, but other than that, it can be quite frigid. If you would rather head south to warmer country, and you want to bring your dog along, why not check out Mexico and The Caribbean?

After all, visiting ruins, seeing volcanoes, discovering cool wildlife, eating exotic food, and sitting on a beach sipping mojitos does sound quite attractive. Let’s take a look at some of the best dog-friendly beaches and destinations in this area of the world.

  • Land’s End Arch, Cabo San Lucas
  • Hobie Cat Beach, Isla Verde
  • Cabbage Beach, Nassau
  • Cane Bay Beach, Christiansted
  • Sunset Beach, Christiansted
  • Playa Zicatela, Puerto Escondido
  • Harbour Island
  • Coral Beach, Cancun

The Best Dog-Friendly Travel Destinations in Asia

Ok, so you’ve traveled all over Europe and North America, so now it might be time for you and Fido to explore Asia and the far east. Asia has got plenty of pet-friendly destinations, so let’s take a look!

  1. Tokyo, Japan

The Japanese seem to be overly fond of dogs, and this can be seen by the hundreds and hundreds of dog-friendly lodgings all throughout this bustling city. Tokyo doesn’t just have a lot of people. It has a lot of happy dogs too. There is a plethora of pet parks, pet-friendly hotels, and even whole restaurants specifically designed for dogs. Yes, of course, Tokyo and the surrounding area has much more than just dog restaurants!


  1. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Malaysia is often regarded as an extremely dog-friendly travel destination in Asia. It’s home to the puppy cottage, which is regarded as one of the very best 5-star dog hotels in the regions. Kuala Lumpur is home to a multitude of Confucian and Islamic culture and plenty of sights to see, especially in the areas just a couple hours out of the city’s central area.


  1. Manila, Philippines

Dogs are a staple of life in Manila, and this can be seen by the full-blown dog malls that contain everything from boarding houses and dog restaurants to grooming shops, toy shops, and so much more. The Philippines is generally considered to be a prime travel destination in Asia because not only is it beautiful and rich with culture, but also extremely affordable.

Best Places to Travel with Dogs in Africa

Let’s finish off our little adventure with a trip to Africa.

  1. South Africa

When it comes to South Africa, there is, of course, plenty to see. It’s hot, filled with beaches, and contains tons of culture too. So, what are some of the best dog-friendly locations in all of South Africa?

  • Beach Forest Lodge, KwaZulu Natal – This is an extremely popular dog-friendly destination in South Africa, one where you can choose to rent a dog-friendly apartment for a short period of time. This area is home to many popular attractions, high-quality restaurants, and yes, a fantastic beach too.
  • Barking Beach Cottage, Western Cape – The Barking Beach Cottage is located in the Western Cape area and is perhaps the number one location for people traveling with dogs. As the name indicates, this lodging is designed specifically for people with dogs, and yes, of course, there’s an awesome dog-friendly beach too.
  • Orleans Farm Guest Suite, Northern Cape – If you are looking to travel further north in the country, you’d like to experience a relaxed farm/country vacation, and you want to bring your dog along, check out this secluded island located on the Orange River. This area is home to plenty of outdoor activities for both you and Fido.
  1. Egypt

If you enjoy the heat, you love North African food, you want to see The Nile River, Pharaoh’s tombs, mummies, pyramids, and much more, Egypt is a great travel destination for both you and the dogs. Surprisingly enough, Egypt, specifically the capital of Cairo, is home to dozens of pet-friendly hotels, 5-star hotels in fact. Let’s quickly take a look at some of the most popular tourist destinations in Cairo right now.

  • Pyramids of Giza
  • The Egyptian Museum
  • Al-Azhar Mosque
  • Old Cairo
  • Souq Quarter
  • The Citadel
  • Sultan Hassan Mosque
  • Museum of Islamic Art
  • Bab Zuweila
  • Al-Muizz li-Din Allah Street

Traveling with Dogs Internationally – Conclusion

As you can see, there are plenty of dog-friendly destinations throughout the world, and here we covered only a fraction of them.

The point is that if you look hard enough, you can find dog-friendly accommodations in virtually every city around the world, albeit some more than others.

What you definitely need to watch out for, however, are travel rules surrounding dogs, as different countries have different rules.

There will undoubtedly be a good deal of paperwork and preparation required before you embark on any international journey with your favorite pooch. Whether Europe, Asia, Africa, North America, or anywhere in between, the world is your oyster.