Pet Waste Bags and Dispenser


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We all make waste; it’s a fact of nature, our pets included. We, as their owners, need to take responsibility to clean up after them, and this dispenser of waste bags is perfect in this regard. Small and easily portable, it comes with a simple carabiner to attach to your belt or other accessories as needed.

It stores up to 15 waste bags in a roll, easily accessible from the hole in the side of the device. To refill, you need only twist off the bottom of the device and replace it with a new roll. This removable bottom houses the LED flashlight perfect for nighttime or early morning runs and runs off LR44 batteries. Owing to the nature of delivery, batteries cannot be included.


  • Material: Biodegradable plastic replacement (bags)
  • Colors: Blue (dispenser), black and green (bags)
  • Dimensions: Dispenser: 10.5cm x 4cm
  • Rolls: 6.7cm x 3cm
  • Individual Bags: 33cm x 22.8cm

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Dog Litter Item Type

Pooper Scoopers & Bags


Pet Poop Bag Dispenser

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